Meet the Family

Just who’s in our Nest?  This is who we are:
My Little Man is ten years old and in fifth grade.  He’s in love with science, baseball, and dirt, which makes laundry time extra exciting:  I never know what I’ll find in the washing machine.  
My Big Helper is the entrepreneur of the family.  She’s always dreaming up ideas for new businesses, either to fund her mission projects or for things that she wants to do someday.  She likes to write and loves to read and, despite the solitary nature of those activities, is quite the social butterfly.  She also volunteers as a living historian at Patrick Henry’s Red Hill.  She’s twelve and in seventh grade.


My husband is our fearless leader.  He’s a hard worker but can play hard, too, and he keeps us all in stitches.  He’s a businessman by day but a lover of fun by night.
And then there’s me.  I’m the one who’s always behind the camera, marveling at how crazy we can all be and yet how well we work together.  If it’s an old-fashioned homemaking activity, I probably like it – reading, writing, quilting, cooking, baking, gardening.  Laundry and dusting are definitely not high on my list of favorite things to do, but I love to bake and hang out with the kids.
We’re centered here at home, though we keep a busy homeschool calendar.  That’s what’s most important to us:  our faith and our family, and we love being able to live that out creatively.


What are your thoughts?

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