Book Club, Boys’ Edition: “Shoeless Joe & Me” by Dan Gutman

Shoeless Joe & Me

Baseball season has begun, and so our boys chose to step up to the mound with this month’s book choice.  They read “Shoeless Joe & Me” by Dan Gutman.

As always, we began inside by summarizing and talking about the book.  While the boys aren’t usually particularly loquacious, they surprised me this month.  The book is about the fixing of the World Series in 1919 and Shoeless Joe Jackson’s part therein.  The boys compared this scandal to current drug scandals, brought up whether gambling is moral even if legal, wanted to know about steroids, and other issues related to the game.  What a discussion!


Then we moved on to baseball cards.  Each boy had brought a collection, and they were eager to check them out, although they didn’t all value the same types of cards.

Next we made our own peanut-free version of CrackerJack.  It was yummy stuff!


While the CrackerJack set up, the boys designed their own baseball cards …


and showed them off a bit …


before deciding that all of this talk of baseball necessitated a game.


Of course, all of that running around made them hungry, and so we broke out our CrackerJack.

So if you’re looking for a good baseball book this season, you won’t go wrong with Shoeless Joe & Me.  Just be prepared to grab some friends and go play afterwards – you won’t be able to resist the crack of the bat.

What are your kids’ favorite springtime reads?

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