Book Club, Boys’ Edition: “The Door to Time”

The Door to Time Boys

In June our boys were prepped for adventure with the Italian Ulysses Moore Series, the first of which is called The Door to Time.  


In this story thee teens attempt to solve mysteries related to an ancient door found in their new house.  Set in a seaside town in England, they are active, funny, and always faced with a new challenge.



We started out building boats.  At one point in the story the teens find an old sailing ship and need to take it on a journey.  My Little Man helped us get ready by filling up the wading pool while his friends worked on their boats.



Everyone had very different ideas!



We put the boats in the pool to see if they would float, and all of them did.  Next we had a ‘race,’ and the boat on the left won.  His strategy of creating the longest boat worked, and it touched the far side of the pool first.


At one point in the story the kids ride their bikes down a big hill into town – and then have to ride them back up again.  Two of them are very athletic and able to ride the hill without difficulty, but the third has trouble.  We decided to try riding up the biggest hill we could find – my side yard.  Two of the boys chose to start back on the flat ground and get a head start, while the guy in blue chose to start at the starting line – right on the hill.  Nobody was able to ride all the way up, but several of them got pretty close!  We decided that you must need very strong legs to propel a bike up a big hill.

A Door to Time made a great book club choice for our boys. They talked more about this book than they have any other, and they even asked – on their own! – to read the next book in the series.

That definitely makes A Door to Time  a winner in my book.

What are your kids reading this summer?

What are your thoughts?

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