Armed with Truth: Scripture Tattoos Review & Giveaway

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I have never been good at memorizing stuff.  Passing those math fact quizzes in second grade was stressful.  Having to learn and recite entire ballads in middle school was awful.  Science vocabulary quizzes in high school were horrible. 

Over the years, both as a student and as an adult, I’ve practiced nearly every educational trick I know.  I’ve written stuff on flashcards and taped them all over the house.  I’ve written things in different colors.  I’ve used pneumonic devices.  I’ve set facts to music, drawn pictures in place of words, and been quizzed by my mom, even as a high school student.

My memory isn’t any better when it comes to memorizing scripture.  I have scripture flashcards taped around the house.  I write things in out different colors and types of writing, I write them over and over, and my daughter has even helped me practice at times.  Memorizing stuff is really hard for me.


That’s why I was so excited to find out about the Armed with Truth scripture tattoos.  It’s like those little cartoon-like pictures that kiddos often paste onto their arms, but way, way better.  These are scripture verses in a blackish ink and simple font that you can stick anywhere on your body – but, of course, the arm is a great place, because then you can easily see it throughout the day and work to memorize it.


The Armed with Truth tattoos come in thematic packages of ten.  There are all sorts, but I chose the ‘comforted’ package because we’ve had a lot going on this year, and I wanted the opportunity to really dig into these scriptures.

It is well

There are also single words or phrases in neat, artistically-designed fonts, too.  I chose the ‘It is well’ design for that one.


My Big Helper and I each chose the scripture we wanted to apply first.  We studied the directions closely, because we’ve never done anything like this before – not even those little kiddie tattoo-stickers.  It did take us a few minutes to figure out, but it turned out to be really easy – put on skin, wet, wait, and peel off. 


My Big Helper was immediately excited about her scripture tattoo. 


I found that the first benefit of wearing it was an unexpected one:  I found myself thinking about different phrases of the verse on my arm.  The second line especially caught my attention:   “Who created all these?”  Too often, I think, we take for granted the beauty around us.  I forget that these rivers and mountains and trees and clouds weren’t always there – that Someone purposely created them, and they’re intricate and interdependent and beautiful.  I can’t wait to journal this verse.

I haven’t done that yet because we’ve been having the craziest, busiest week ever.  I thought the tattoo would help me memorize scripture, but I’ve most enjoyed the ability to take it with my physically wherever I go.


On the second day, we took a field trip to see the Durham Bulls play ball.  Several people asked about the words on my arm, and I was able to explain about this cool product and how I was using it.  It looked great, and while it’s not looking super crisp or clear in this picture, this was the best I could do with the chaos around me.  I could easily read it in a glance.


Day Three was a work day at home, and we were moving all day. I remembered to take the photo just before bedtime, and despite several showers and hot, humid days, my tattoo still looks great.  Armed with TruthWe had major, huge homeschool events on Days Four and Five.  I barely remembered to breathe and took both photos in the same place, shortly before heading off to bed.  Looking back at the pictures, I can’t tell which was which – my scripture tattoo was holding up beautifully.

My Big Helper had a revelation on this day.   We thought that her verse would have worn off her arm by now, but instead, it was still there, crisp and clear, as she headed off to the NC State History Day competition.  She was nervous and scared as she prepared for judging, and she decided that she was happy to have Isaiah 41:10 on her arm. 

Armed with Truth

Day Seven.  My scripture tattoo has begun to lose a bit of its crispness, and with tiny bits of some letters missing, I need to focus on it just a bit more to read it, but as you can see, it’s still there and still looking good.

Day Eight – My Big Helper rubbed her arm after her shower while it was still wet, and she found that her tattoo came right off.  Since the company claimed that it would last for 3-5 days, I think 8 is pretty amazing.  With much of her tattoo now washed off, My Big Helper was able to easily wash off the rest, and she can’t wait to choose her next one.

Scripture Tattoos

I’m super excited about this new product.  I love the versatility, the ease with which I can keep scripture in front of me all day long, and the help it provides mem in both memorizing and praying through scripture.  If you’d like to try Armed with Truth products for yourself, you can use code anest to get a 20% discount off your purchase.  You can also use the widget below to enter the giveaway happening now.

Armed With Truth Emboldened Giveaway! (Contest on

Hop over to Armed with Truth.  Which one is first on your wishlist?

I received a free package of these tattoos in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


What are your thoughts?

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