Book Club, Boys’ Edition: “Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab”

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This month we ventured where we’ve never gone before – into the field of hard-core science.  We read

Then we started building.  We started out building this electromagnet.  Each boy tested it to see how many big paperclips he could lift, and our top number was five.

When we started building an anti-intruder door alarm.  This gadget was definitely trickier, and as science and circuits are not my thing, it took us a while to get it figured out.  By the time we got it, our time was running short, and everyone was excited about our last project, so we moved on quickly – to build a rocket car.

Book Club, Boys' Edition:  "Nick and Tesla"

Like the intruder alarm, the rocket car was a bit more complicated than expected.  We repeated the experiment several times, modifying it each time, each with greater success than the last.  (We’ve now figured out how to correct these issues before the girls’ club meets this week.)

While we didn’t get the amazing results we hoped for with the experiments, at least some of the kids went home and did research to figure out how to improve the projects.   They loved

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