Book Club Friday – “The Chocolate Sundae Mystery”

Chocolate Sundae Mystery

All during the school year last year, My Little Man watched his big sister have fun with her book club friends, and he wanted to have one, too.  In fact, he asked to start his own club more than once – and I always answered the same way:  You can have your own book club when you can read a chapter book.


Well, last spring, he picked up a fictional dinosaur chapter book and put it down after reading the first six chapters to me.  Then we knew it was time.  


This week My Little Man got together with a few of his friends to have fun with The Boxcar Children’s The Chocolate Sundae Mystery.  


We started out by summarizing the story and then reading Ebenezer Bleezer.  It’s such a funny poem!  The boys each invented their own crazy flavor and drew pictures of them.



Then we headed off to the kitchen to make our own ice cream – for real.  They mixed up a batch of super rich chocolate ice cream to put into a countertop churn, and then each boy made his own batch of Freezer Bag Ice Cream.  



We tucked the icy bags into satchels and sent the boys outside to churn their ice cream on bikes and scooters.  It worked pretty well, and they were able to burn off some energy while they worked.

When both varieties were done, they came inside and created their own sundaes like Benny did in the book.  I think they liked this part a lot – and they declared the ice cream to be yummy.

We never could tell which they liked better, though – the vanilla or the chocolate.  

Which would you prefer?

What are your thoughts?

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