Book Club, Girls’ Edition: ” A Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery”

Crazy Christmas Angel

This month the girls’ read A Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery by Beverly Lewis.  It’s a fun story in which a new neighbor moves in, and he has mysterious angels that fly around his head at night.  The Cul-de-Sac kids can’t wait to figure out what sort of angels these are, and they go caroling to investigate.

We decided to go caroling, too.  The girls spent some time with us decorating a birthday cake for Jesus,  talking about the book, and then practicing the songs they wanted to sing.  After that, their families returned and we headed out to sing to the neighbors.  (We didn’t do any spying, though – just singing.)


Upon returning, we feasted on birthday cake, pretzels, and homemade hot chocolate.  The girls’ enjoyed showing off their decorating skills during the party portion of the event.

This book sparked some good discussion about the Christmas story and the ways we share it with others.  The main character in this story didn’t seem to be familiar with the Nativity story, and his friends shared well with him.  That prompted a discussion of the ways that people have shared this story throughout history and fun ways that we can do so now.  We also talked about the legend of the candy cane and the ease of sharing the story by sharing these candies.

The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery was a great choice for a December read.  Easy to read, fun, and with great themes, I’m glad we chose this one!

What are you reading with your kids right now?

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