Book Club, Girls’ Edition – “A New Home for Lily” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

New Home for Lily

It’s that time again – Book Club time!  The girls read A New Home for Lily by Suzanne Woods Fisher and Maryann Kinsinger, and the general consensus was fantastic.  The girls discussed this book more than they had any other and all agreed that they’re looking forward to the next book in the series.

After our book discussion, it was time to get to work.  The girls grabbed aprons and lined up to tie them.  It was so cute to see them working together this way!
We loved the chapter where Lily and her brother are supposed to take a pumpkin pie to school to share but have other plans for the pie instead, and so we decided to make our own pies using my family recipes.  The girls worked together very well for this project.   
During the crust preparation, I rolled and the girls fit it into the pan.  At one point I turned around to see all five girls clustered on chairs around two pie pans, piecing together the edges, stabbing the crust diligently with forks, and each crimping the edges in their own style.  I tell ya, there was NO WAY an air bubble was going to form under this crust.  
As a side note, I think we should stop buying our children fancy toys and just give them a ball of pie crust and a cup of water.  It will amuse them for hours.  🙂

Lily also enjoys playing with paper dolls, so while our pies were baking, the girls chose and colored doll dresses.  We used a coloring book of paper dolls that I purchased for my classroom years ago, with dolls portraying strong women throughout history.  Queen Victoria was an overwhelming favorite.  I think the two enormous and ornate dresses had something to do with it.


The pies finished baking just before book club was over, and the girls were eager to sample them.  I chilled them by placing them in the sink in an inch of cold water and ice for a few minutes.   I’ve never seen anyone so happy to eat a pumpkin pie in April as these girls were.  I think Meme’s recipe is a hit.  A New Home for Lily definitely was.

What are your kids reading these days?

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