Book Club, Girls’ Edition: “Isabel’s Secret”

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This month our girls read Book Club, Girls' Edition:  "Isabel's Secret" @ A Nest in the Rocks

I was very excited for the girls to dig in to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each girl could take home two different items.  We discussed the various heath benefits to coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils, and then the girls whipped up a simple body butter.  This pair went to town on one scent, while the other group chose a different one.


Next they each made their own variety of sugar scrub.  They chose their ingredients and how rough they wanted it to be, and when they finished, we put their products in large baby food jars. 


Afterwards, they designed labels for each jar and decorated them to give as a gift for Christmas.  They ate some fudge we had prepared while they worked, because that was one of Holly and Isabel’s favorite treats! We wanted to make our own, but we knew there wouldn’t be time for that.

Book Club, Girls' Edition:  "Isabel's Secret" @ A Nest in the Rocks

Lastly, the girls made fun placemats out of scrapbooking paper, stamps, and old Christmas cards.  They had such a blast that My Little Man got in on the action after the girls went home.  I love that we’ll have these personalized keepsakes for years to come.


  1. a little bit of learning, a lot of fun and creativity – love it! what a good idea.

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