Book Club, Girls’ Edition: “Secret of the Prince’s Tomb”

Secret of the Prince's Tomb
We hosted another book club this week, and my Big Helper surprised me by saying that this was one of her very favorites! The girls read The Secret of the Prince’s Tomb, an Imagination Station book about the enslavement of the Hebrews in Egypt.  Despite it’s seemingly depressing topic, it’s a really great story, and we had fun working with it.
After summarizing and discussing the book, we made gratitude journals.  We made them this way – it’s a very simple but fun project, and the girls seemed to enjoy matching up scrapbook paper patterns to get a pretty notebook.
The main characters in the story, Beth and Patrick, learned that it was important for the Hebrews to remember that God had been faithful to them in the past and would continue to be so.  We discussed the Biblical direction to be “thankful always” and to remember and celebrate what God has done for us.  Journaling about these blessings and gifts is one way to do that – and then we can also look back during hard times to remember His providence.
The girls and their finished gratitude journals!  It was fun to see how excited some of them were to begin writing in their books.


Next the girls sewed dyed ditalini onto gold-painted paper plates cut to resemble the rich, thick necklaces worn by wealthy Egyptians.  We speculated that perhaps Tabitha from the story would’ve worn something like this in the beginning.


By the end of the story, Tabitha is a slave and is forced to carry heavy jugs of water on her head to other slaves.  We practiced carrying books on our heads to see how easy it was – and decided it’s not.


Then the girls graduated to a simple metal vase containing a few water balloons.  They decided that this wasn’t any easier, but that dropping the water balloons was lots more fun than dropping the books!  Either way, much practice is required to be proficient in this skill.
How do your kids interact with their books?
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