Book Club, Girls’ Edition: “The Door to Time”

The Door to Time Gils

The girls read a book full of fast-paced adventure this month:  The Door to Time, a Ulysses Moore mystery.  This is the first in a twelve-book series that involves magic, time travel, secret codes, lots of intrigue, and quite a bit of  independence.  The main characters are three pre-teens who work together well and acknowledge their strengths and differences, but are also rather deceitful and keep things from their parents.  If you talk that through, you have a wonderful adventure story with lots of learning the world over.

Because secret codes are rampant in this story – and one involves a code written in an ancient Phoenician language on a clay tablet – we decided to write our own favorite quotes on clay tablets.  We mixed up a batch of clay, shaped it, and etched our sayings into it.  Later we painted and antiqued them to complete the ‘aging’ process.

While the clay was drying, the girls stumbled upon a secret code lying on the table.  It took some work, but they were able to decode it by working together and then to track down the treasure.  

Of course, said treasure needed to be divided, so they did that immediately – and then ate it!

What are your kids reading this month?

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