Do Your Kids Sing in Spanish?

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My Little Man sings everywhere he goes.  For a kid who refused to sing at all for the first four years of his life, he’s making up for lost time quickly.


Now, though, he’s singing in Spanish.

It’s funny to hear, but I love it.  Each day as he and his big sister watch their Foreign Languages for Kids video, they shout along with the opening.  As they get to words or pieces of dialogue that they already know, the quote along with the video.

Sing in Spanish

And when the video has a review feature at the end, they sing along with it. 


I love watching them sing along with their Spanish lesson, but the best part is the lessons aren’t musical.  They’re videos with kids talking, playing, etc., but they don’t sing.  My kids love it that much, though.  Their call-and-response back to the video takes on a singing quality that is sweet to hear.

They’re learning Spanish.

They’re having fun.

School doesn’t get better than that.

Want to know how you can have your kids singing along in Spanish, too?  Hop over here for more information about Foreign Languages for Kids.

Want the nitty-gritty?  Here it is:

  • We started using FLFK in September.
  • We watch the videos a few times each week, watching each one several times until we’re comfortable with the vocabulary.
  • We’re working on Lesson 20 now.  Some lessons we watch more than others, and some days we go back and review older lessons.  I’m sure we could probably be further along, but I’m content with going slowly and making sure the kids really understand it.
  • My Little Man is continuing to sprinkle random Spanish words into everyday conversation.  It’s funny how a new word will show up and everyone freezes, just looking at him, until he laughs and says, “What?  Don’t you know __?”  I love how happy he is with his newfound knowledge!

Foreign Languages for Kids is by far the best program I’ve found for learning a foreign language in elementary school.  It’s fun and easy.  I’m so thankful for FLFK!

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