Field Work Friday – Alligators and Owls and AFRICAN PORCUPINES , OH, MY!


We recently had the opportunity to see Dan the Animal Man do his thing at a local park.


Who’s Dan?


He’s a pretty amazing guy.  He works with exotic animals and has impressive credentials.  He’s worked at the White House, on several movies, and been on seemingly every TV talk-type show there is.


Soon he’ll be affiliated with the Creation Museum, showing people just how each animal is part of an intricate design by God.



Dan brought several animals with him that day, this African Porcupine being one of them.  We had never seen anything like it!  Dan showed off her unique features and dispelled some common myths about these types of creatures.  


The other animals Dan brought were a bit less exotic but equally impressive.  The European Owl has a huge wingspan and is totally silent when flapping its wings.  It’s head can turn around really far, too!


We learned what makes lemurs different from monkeys – and that they’ll let you know if you’re misbehaving!  


The last animal that Dan brought was this alligator.  After impressing us with his size and strength, Dan moved him outside, where everyone had the opportunity to touch and take pictures with this animal.


We first head Dan speak a few years ago, and the kids haven’t forgotten it. Instead, they insisted that we attend this presentation, and they were equally impressed.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the time they touched a gator for years to come.


If you have the opportunity to hear Dan the Animal Man speak, don’t miss it.  He’s not only great with the animals, but he’s very funny – and he can share fascinating facts about the way that animals work together throughout creation.  It’s a great experience!

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