Field Work Friday – Building Birdhouses with the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group


Last week we had the opportunity to visit the Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group with our 4-H club.  This amazing facility produces more than 1,000 birdhouses specifically designed for bluebirds every two weeks!  They have been instrumental in increasing the bluebird population and getting this bird taken off of the endangered species list.



We began our tour learning about the specific design of the bluebird house – from the metal covering of the house entrance, the grooves cut into the inside of the door, and the bluebirds’ preferred color and location of their homes.



 Next we moved on to learn about other animals that the rescue group works with.  Besides the beavers, deer, bobcat, and red fox, we also saw an alligator, a snake,a wolf, and an opossum.



 The leader of the facility is a federally certified animal rescuer, and this small owl is going to be a permanent resident now.  He’s blind in his left eye and not suitable to be released.



Bluebird houses recently finished ….



Then we headed off to the shop to learn how to make the houses.



Only a select few volunteers are allowed to use these power tools for safety reasons.



This man is able to put a house together in under 90 seconds.  Wow!



Our bluebird house experts.  🙂



The founder of this group came out to speak to us at the end.  He was a very kind man, and it was obvious that he was passionate about animal rescue.  


When we finished at the bluebird house construction facility, we caravan-ed off to the founder’s farm to see his wolf pack.  He keeps these wolves, who are of different varieties, to teach people about animal rescue.



Being this close to these beautiful, wild animals was amazing!  We all learned a lot on this trip.  

Now to hang our bluebird house ….

Have you taken any cool field trips lately?

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