Field Work Friday – Clyde Phillips’ Seafood Market

Last week we spent the week at the beach with family.  We had a few things that we wanted to do – and hitting up a real seaside fish market was one of them.  My Little Man and I love to eat fish, and we like to experiment with different ways to cook it.  Of course, the fresher it is, the better, and that’s why we were so excited to see Clyde Phillips when we got close to our destination.


While it looked a bit rustic, the huge boats at the dock in the back assured us that these people knew what they were doing, and so we stopped in to check it out.


Inside the market, the brick display case was full of ice and fish – whole fish.  This is by far the freshest fish market I’ve seen.  You pick the fish you want, and Clyde himself weighs them.  Next he goes to the sink at the back of the room and filets and packages them for you.  The market offered a nice selection of freshly caught fish and Clyde was kind enough to answer lots of questions.  He told us about how his business works and how to cook each type of fish and specific information about each kind.  It was interesting stuff.


After putting our purchases in a cooler, we headed out to look at the boats and the water.  It was a beautiful day.


Our Little Man noticed lots of shells and pieces of marine life at the edge of the water, and he asked for some Daddy time to talk about what he was seeing.  He loves playing “Where’s Waldo?’ with bodies of water, and this was a great place to do it.

Our fish-shopping adventure was a real learning experience for all of us.  Clyde gave us his perspective of a fisherman’s life, and we got to eat some great fish, too.


What real-life learning experience have you stumbled into lately?

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  1. that was a nice field trip for you to go on, makes me think I should try to do one like it (except we have no fresh fish markets nearby). my blog:

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