Field Work Friday – Egyptians in the NC Museum of Art

This week we traveled to the North Carolina Museum of Art for a tour of the international collections.  This worked well for us since we are studying Egypt, and they have a pretty neat Egyptian collection.
Guest posting for me today are My Little Man and My Big Helper to share what they learned on this trip.
This ship from Egypt. This is the ship that would carry the Pharaoh to the Afterlife.  The person in front is playing a drum to tell the rowers to work together rowing.  The Pharoah is sitting under the shade.
This coffin was made for a queen. There were hieroglyphics and pictures all over.  
That is a coffin.  A dead person goes inside the coffin.  It is called a sarcophagus in Egypt.
These are gold plates.  They go on the mummy, plus a death mask.

This door was the door of a tomb. It is made out of stone.  The Egyptians believed that the spirits would come out of it. 

These are gifts because the Egyptians believed that in the Afterlife they would need their things.

Our tour guide was wonderful about explaining things in terms that everyone could understand.  We had a great time on our tour, and seeing real Egyptian artifacts was pretty cool, too!

What interesting things have you found in an art museum?

What are your thoughts?

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