Field Work Friday – Marbles Museum

This week we traveled to Marbles Museum, a fabulous children’s museum in downtown Raleigh.  Marbles is a two-story interactive museum where everything is kid-sized and kid friendly.  Each exhibit allows children to explore grown-up tasks in a safe, fun way.

My Little Man loved the science exploration center inside the giant submarine.

Everyone loved the water play area!  What’s not to like about water falls and pouring toys on a hot summer’s day?

A huge part of the upstairs is centered around economics.  My Little Man liked driving the secure money transfer truck.

Of course, he enjoyed driving the ambulance, too …

and doctoring on his sister, who was fascinated with the kid-sized crutches!

This museum also includes an IMAX theater, where we saw the 3D documentary Born to be Wild, about elephant and orangutan rescue.

It was a beautiful day for a picnic in the museum’s courtyard.

And after some afternoon surfing, we headed to the construction area.

Everyone loved the real tools and had to take a turn with the clamps and handsaws.

If you’ve never visited a children’s museum, find one near you and check it out.  Some admission fees can be expensive, but most have good deals on memberships.  These usually include reciprocal deals at museums far away, so it can also be a fun activity for a rainy vacation day in another city.  Other  museums run special grandparent deals or freebie afternoons for local residents.  Coupons can sometimes be found in special books or at your visitor’s bureau, too.

Visiting a children’s museum can be a great way to spend a day – and learn a lot, too!

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