Field Work Friday – Playing the Guitar

Musical instruments are exciting.  Hard to play, perhaps not exciting to practice, but always exciting to be able to hang out, make music, and bring people together.

Pastor Jason, a Duke seminary student interning at Warren’s Grove UMC  this summer, is a great guitarist.  He’s also wonderful with children, and so he agreed to give us a group guitar lesson.

He began by teaching us about different types of guitars – classical, electric, and acoustic.
Then he taught us about the parts of the guitar, how to place our fingers to make chords, and then he gave each child a chance to strum his guitar.


Pastor Jason also knows how to play the drums, and he brought along an African drum.  He taught the kids how to make different sounds with it by tapping it with different parts of their hands.


Each kid got a chance to try that out, too ….


and they really liked it!


Then Pastor Jason taught us how to make patterns and rhythms by tapping on our legs and imitating his drums.


He closed by playing Down in My Heart and letting us all sing along.  The kids loved it, and it was a great way to hear how the guitar could pull our voices and chords together.
Thanks, Pastor Jason, for sharing your time and talents with us!
Do you play an instrument?  How did you learn?
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