Field Work Friday – Russia

This week we vicariously traveled to Russia, via a fabulous native who is now a US citizen.  She shared many stories of life in Russia.
Daily life is very different; one needs only to hear about the commonality of caviar and the sheer numbers of apartment buildings to know that.  From school at night to a mile-deep lake, our guest’s information was fascinating.

My Little Man was particularly excited about the pictures and souvenirs.  He liked looking at the writing in Russian inside her Russian passport, …

and he loved the nesting dolls.  Known as a Russian item but coming originally from Japan, these dolls are hand-painted with special colors and flowers to indicate in which state they were created.

Aren’t they beautiful?

February 23rd is a Russian holiday – Military Appreciation Day, when parents and teachers give all males gifts to show their appreciation for military service.  Even young boys who have not yet served receive presents for their future dedication to their country.

In honor of this holiday, our guest brought cupcakes decorated in the Russian national colors for the children to enjoy – and they did!  The vast amount of icing on his cupcake amazed My Little Man.  🙂

Have you met anyone from another country lately?

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