Field Work Friday – Valentine’s Day

This week we kicked back for a Valentine’s party.  One of the other moms, a SAHM homeschooling mom who used to teach kindergarten, planned the party a did a fantastic job.

She decorated with balloons and crepe paper, and the kids LOVED it!  


My Little Man had fun running with ‘the big boys,’ and this little one, too.


Writing is not exactly his favorite activity yet, but he enjoyed making valentine mail boxes out of paper plates when he could hang out with the other boys while doing so.


Stair steps!


When the balloon chasing got too noisy while some finished their mailboxes, everyone grabbed a book from a stack and read Valentine’s stories.


Then we moved back to the table for some learning fun.  First they tried to see how many candy hearts they could build into a tower in only 30 seconds, which is actually quite difficult!


Then they made patterns with their hearts before devouring them and delivering their valentines.
Each family brought a treat to share, and My Little Man was happy to sample everyone’s sweets.  He happily told his big sister that he had “goodies” at his party!
(We took these cake balls to share.  Definitely an experience to make, and one that My Big Helper is already looking forward to making with me.)
In the midst of the balloon happiness and sugar rushes, our party planner also read 1 Corinthians to the kids and talked about graphing the things that love is and what it isn’t.  Then she read Froggy’s First Kiss and the kids played “Pin the Lips on Froggy.”  Too cute!
We had a blast at our Valentine’s celebration, and My Little Man keeps looking over and over his first ever valentine cards.
How did you celebrate Valentine’s?
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