Field Work Friday – Wilbur Chocolate Factory


We recently headed home to Pennsylvania to visit family.  While there, we had a few educational adventures.



One of the very first places we ventured to when we hit Lancaster County was the Wilbur Chocolate Factory.  My Nana has been wonderful this year about supporting our homeschooling efforts, and she planned all sorts of fun and educational things for us during our visit.  The kids were excited to see a new chocolate locale with their great-grandmother.



The museum was small but full of chocolate making memorabilia from the past.  With a gift shop in front and many displays of molds and machines all over, it was fascinating to see just what can be done with chocolate.  


In the very back, in front of an impressive display of chocolate pots from around the world, ran a short documentary about how chocolate is made.  As you can see, everyone enjoyed this.


The back wall was partially clear and looked into a kitchen, where viewers can watch chocolatiers make houses, high heels, or just about anything else out of chocolate – including fudge.  It was fun to watch and see how skilled the women were with their handling of the chocolate – and to see just what they were able to make (seemed like everything).


Of course, no trip to a chocolate museum or factory would be complete without samples.  These were available, but even before trying them out, My Little Man found something he just couldn’t pass up – a gigantic chocolate dinosaur.  He decided that it had his name on it, and he happily counted out part of the money he’s been saving to purchase it.

Now that the dino has made it back to the South without melting into a blob, he happily rests beside My Little Man’s place at the table.  I wonder daily at his will power.  If that dino were mine, he’d have been eaten long ago.

What about you?  Can YOU leave chocolate alone?

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