Field Work Fridays: The Public TV Station


Have you ever wondered how your favorite TV shows are made?  What that set really looks like?


This week we traveled to our local PBS station to find out.



We were welcomed into the station with greetings and stickers identifying us as members of a tour group.



Next we learned about how the signal is broadcast across the state and throughout the valleys in the west.



We got to see work rooms where people were controlling what was being broadcast on each of the PBS stations.  The kids loved all the screens and monitors!



Next we checked out the studios.  This large studio is where the fundraising telethon happens – beginning in the very near future.  As we watched, men set up fake walls in front of a kitchen, and we learned about how the set is designed and made functional for use.



Our tour guide also explained how these large cameras are operated.  Some are controlled by real people, right there, while for others a remote control from the studio is used.  I can’t imagine trying to operate this large machine remotely!



After viewing the image and sound studios, we hit upon this cool collection of PBS characters and joined them for a picture.


Who knew a TV station could be so much fun?

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