France – Bread, Cheese, & Wine

When French food comes to mind, bread, cheese, and wine are always in the mix somewhere!  We decided that we definitely had to try out some of these basics.

Since our week’s schedule went from calm to crazy quite unexpectedly, we decided that this would be the perfect time to have a French snack.  (We did do things other than eat this week while studying France – stay tuned for more!)

We started with my bread machine.  (The heat index has been over 110 F for several days now – I’ll do about anything to avoid turning on the oven, and my machine makes great bread.)  I discovered that my Breadman Ultimate includes a recipe for French bread, which I’ve never tried.  We layered the ingredients in the pan as directed and got it going.  You can see a similar recipe here.

We purchased a wedge of Brie from a local grocer.

We also found some grape juice – the regular Welch’s kind that I was saving for snow cones, but this will work, too – and our snack was ready.

On each plate, we assembled a piece of hot, crusty French bread, fresh from the machine, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers (because we were hungry and they were available), some Brie, and a glass of grape juice.

First we tried the cheese on a few crackers, and then the kids decided to slather it right onto their hot bread.

I don’t know how French that is, but my Little Man certainly loved it.  He decided that the cheese was better than my bread and just licked it right off!

My kids rarely drink anything other than milk or water, so the juice was a real treat.

By the time I realized that I’d forgotten to take a picture of our bread, this was all that was left.  I’ve waited waayyyyy too long to try French bread in my bread machine.  I’ll definitely be experimenting a bit more.  This was delicious!

I think our French snacks were a success!

Have you ever made French bread?  If so, how did you do it?

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