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For the past 6 weeks, the kids and I have been studying Spanish using the Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids program.  After last year’s failed attempt to pick up some words in another language, I was quite apprehensive, but this … FLfKbK …. it’s GREAT!

In the first six weeks, I’m seeing huge strides in their language skills.  Not only are they learning the words taught in each video, but they’re picking up the complex grammar skills being taught, too.  They’re using the words they know throughout the day, sometimes spitting out simple sentences in a hodgepodge of English and Spanish.  What’s even better is that they’re starting to create their OWN sentences using the Spanish words they’ve learned!  They continue to substitute the Spanish word for the English one where they know it, but I’m now hearing those same words used in new ways, with new English phrases around it.  They’re getting super comfortable with the Spanish they know!

A few weeks ago our package of printed materials arrived.  We received flash cards, a teacher’s guide, stickers, and even an indoor basketball set!  The kids ask several times each week if we can play Spanish games with these supplies, and they’ve been making up their own, too.

I continue to be very impressed with this program.  It’s easy to use, takes very little time, is fun for kids, and makes a big impact.  If you’re looking for a Spanish program that your kids will want to use, give Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids a try – and if you make your purchase by October 18, you can use the code FUN20OFF to receive 20% off your year’s subscription. 

*I received a free subscription to this program in exchange for an honest review.  I’m happy to answer any questions that I can – feel free to leave’em in the comments – because we’re big fans!

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