“Lillies in Moonlight” by Allison Pittman

Lilly Margolis escaped from her domineering mother’s household to exert her independence and find the acceptance she lacked at home.  A beautiful flapper, she finds her security in all the wrong places until stumbling upon the forgetful society matron Betty Ruth Burnside.  A twist of fate convinces Betty Ruth’s son Cullen to take Lilly in temporarily, but this wounded war vet is locked in his own world of past regrets and doesn’t want to risk damaging his mother’s fragile memory further.  In the end, will Betty Ruth’s proposed cross-country journey grant them all the forgiveness and acceptance they’ve desired?

Set in the 1920s, Lillies in Moonlight is rich with historical detail.  Pittman creates lifelike characters in such a realistic world that you can’t help but cheer them along.  The story’s twists and turns add to the suspense of the ending.  The messages of forgiveness, love, and acceptance come through loud and clear through the story of Lilly and Cullen in a natural, non-preachy way.

I enjoyed reading this book.  I’m definitely going to seek out Pittman’s other books!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Multnomah’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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