“More Than Words” {Review}

As Americans, as adults, as parents, we seem to spend most of our time being busy.  There’s not a lot of time for being still, contemplative, or going over things we already know.  I usually consider it good if I can find a bit of time for scripture and prayer in the early morning hours.

But a few years ago, during an online Bible study, I learned the value of definitions.  Defining words was something I never would have considered to do during my quiet time unless I was encountering a new word, but it’s a really great way to think deeply about what a particular sentence or word is saying.  Beyond the surface.  

When I read scripture now I tend to focus on those singular words or phrases that jump off the page at me.  Those are the words that my notes center around in my journal, that stick with me throughout the day, and that I end up praying about.

That’s why I think that the new devotional called More Than Words by Stephanie Eidson is so important.  At this time of year, when so many people are talking about their ‘one word’ for the year and planning out how to live intentionally into 2014, More Than Words gives you the opportunity to prayerfully consider how each of the twenty words can be lived out.  What does each word mean?  Really mean, as in true definition, not a decent synonym tossed over your shoulder as you herd the kids out the door to basketball practice.  If we truly considered these things on a regular basis, these words would change our lives.

That’s the goal of More Than Words.  With a simple format structured around Bible study and prayer, More Than Words points you to twenty words found throughout the Bible.  Though we toss these words around frequently, this book gives you the opportunity to slow down and think about them deeply.

More Than Words gives you lots of spaces to journal about each word’s definition, where it’s found in scripture, how you might apply this word to your life, and space for writing out prayer about the given word.  The abundance of space means that you can write and draw to your heart’s content, and with words like ‘grace,’ ‘love,’ and ‘forgiveness,’ you’ll want to.

I received a free copy of More Than Words from Stephanie Eidson in exchange for an honest review.

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