New! Stock Market Challenge Project

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My Little Man is totally fascinated with the stock market lately.

He’s done chores to earn the money to purchase his very own stock, and he’s picked his favorite companies (that have stock he can afford).

Because he’s so very interested in this, however, I’ve been looking for ways to help him understand how it all works – and the potential gains and losses inherent with purchasing stock.

That’s why we read Gary Paulsen’s Lawn Boy – and why I wrote this project.

stock market

The book does a great job of explaining the basic function of the stock market, although it’s an extreme example.  It’s super fun, though, but we wanted to try our hand at it, too.

That’s where this project comes in.  You can use it as a simple project or as a competitive challenge between different students or groups.  Included are research guides, hyperlinks for safe research, printables to guide your students through the math, and a graph to track your stock for the duration of the challenge.  There’s even a certificate for the winner.

This challenge will keep your students excited about their investments and will help them understand the basic workings of the stock market.

You can find more about this challenge here.

What are your kids into lately?

What are your thoughts?

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