“Nowhere to Turn” by Lynette Eason


“Nowhere to Turn” by Lynette Eason

Mystery and suspense books are my absolute faves, and Nowhere to Turn by Lynette Eason has both in spades.  A story about an abused woman trying to flee from her sadistic husband, she has nowhere to turn – and this sense of being trapped makes for an emotional and dramatic page-turner.

Upping the suspense factor is Simon, Danielle Harding’s tween son.  Where she might normally be willing to take a risk, she must instead toe the line for his sake, and will definitely twist any mother’s heart.  When Simon himself comes under fire, Danielle must decide how far she’s willing to go.

Stories about FBI-types always have great potential, and with a twist on the typical guardian, Nowhere to Turn ratchets the interest level up another notch.  The best part of this story, though, was its unpredictability.  While you might sense the general direction Eason is going, you won’t get the details – or the ultimate ending.  You’re in for a surprise – and that definitely makes Nowhere to Turn worthy of a fall read.

I received a free copy of Nowhere to Turn from Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review.

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