“Pieces of Light” by Julie Cave

Pieces of Light, Dinah Harris Mystery Series #3

Dinah Harris’ life is finally beginning to come together.  With sobriety coming easier and her faith playing a larger role in her life as she joins a small group at church, Dinah is successfully working as a private consultant.  She’s soon drawn into a case that has all of the metro-DC area alarmed as churches become the targets of bombs – and not of the smoke variety.  With the death toll rising and few clues pointing the way, the investigation depends on Harris’ sharp profiling skills.  It soon becomes clear that someone is seeking revenge on the church at large, and there seems to be no end in sight.  Can Harris find and disarm the bomber before she becomes the next victim?
In Deadly Disclosures Dinah’s life was full of darkness.  She held such possibility, such skill, and was so broken that you couldn’t help but cheer for her despite her many flaws and impossible decisions, but in Pieces of Light she is just that:  full of promise, hope, light.  At this point in her story the reader is no longer shaking their head sadly over her plight but instead standing on tiptoes, applauding her choices and basking in the glare of her newfound hope.  The two novels have completely different feels to them and yet both showcase the transformation that a person undergoes after finding new life in Jesus.  I love this change in Dinah and the expert way that Cave shows it in her writing.
Cave ends the trilogy in an unusual way.  Dinah Harris’ story is wrapped up, and while you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, you can be awfully sure; but from the remnants of the first two books rises a new possibility for a sequel.  This ending is so unforeseen, so unexpected, that it completely intrigued me – to the point that (after mulling over the ending for a few days) I broke out the computer and emailed Cave herself.  Cave declared that this was only expected to be a trilogy, but that there may be a sequel on the way … or maybe not.  Either way, she plans to keep writing, and I, for one, can’t wait to read the next book.
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