Spanish Success with FLFK + a SALE!

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We’ve been using Foreign Language for Kids for our Spanish curriculum since the beginning of the school year.  We watch the videos during breakfast, and a few weeks ago we received print curriculum, stickers, and games in the mail.

The kids haven’t stopped asking to play with those new materials since.

My Little Man still shouts along with certain repetitive parts of the videos.  He loves them as much as ever – but both kids are enthralled with the games.  They love the idea that we can ‘play’ for school, even though we do lots of unusual things in the name of education.

Spanish Success with FLFK @ A Nest in the Rocks

They love it so much that when the day gets crazy, they’re excited to ‘play Spanish’ after bath time.  Just before bedtime.  In their PJs.

Spanish Success with FLFK @ A Nest in the Rocks

Does it work? 


The kids continue to randomly mix in their new Spanish words with their English ones.

They get excited when they hear Spanish being spoken in public.

They’re remembering their vocabulary words, they’re playing the games successfully, and they’re happy about all of it.

That’s success to me.

Best of all, Foreign Languages for Kids is running a huge 40% off sale right now!  This Spanish program is so much fun and only takes about 5 minutes out of your day! Offer ends on Nov. 30th! Don’t forget to share with a friend!  Use code TOSbeginner to get your discount.

How do you teach foreign languages?



What are your thoughts?

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