The First Snowfall is Snow Fun!


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We got our first snowfall this week!  We’ve had snow much fun playing around in it – and since the forecasters were a bit off in how much we might get, we were happily surprised by the 8 inches to a foot that we actually received.

It’s been bitterly cold, too, which is quite unusual for this town.  Many people here don’t even own an snow shovel (which is quite odd to this Pennsylvania girl) but any snow we get often melts by dinnertime.  It’s been sticking around for several days, though, and isn’t leaving quite yet as the temp hasn’t topped freezing – or even gotten close – since the snow started to fall.

All of that means that our roads are bad.  Yes, I think they’re bad, too – because with nowhere near enough plows or salt, the snow quickly gets packed down and becomes ice, and ice is just horrible to drive on.

My husband’s office even closed today, and so we’re all enjoying this opportunity to sleep in, watch lots of movies together, work on our read-aloud (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), head outside for adventures, and then come back in to cook dinner together.  I love doing that!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

Snow Fun

While walking out in the snow, the kids had an impromptu snowball fight.  They started to get really into it …

Snow Fun

and we saw lots of smiles as the snow flew.

Snow Fun

ABC11, one of our local news stations, filmed the kids, and they ended up being on the news – twice!  The kids were excited to make their first TV appearance.

Snow Fun

Surprisingly enough, we’ve never had snowball fights before, but My Little Man thoroughly enjoyed it.

Snow Fun

My Big Helper’s favorite snow activity is finding a big pile of snow that was pushed aside by a plow and making snow caves.

Snow Fun

You just have to go sledding, though.

What’s your favorite snowy activity?

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