“The Tehran Initiative” by Joel C. Rosenberg

Iran has just tested their first nuclear weapon – and it worked better than they imagined. With eight more unidentified nuclear warheads and a team of Iranian scientists struggling to attach them to missiles, Israel wants to attack before their country is destroyed.  The United States government still believes that peace can be achieved through negotiations, and with the Twelfth Imam already building his world-wide caliphate, there’s no time to lose. CIA agent David Shirazi is sent back into Iran with the task of finding all of the nuclear warheads – but can he find them before the world as he knows it is completely destroyed?

Beginning only moments after The Twelfth Imam ended, Rosenberg fans will love this book.  Complete with a continuation of Shirazi’s saga with both Marseilles Harper and his mother’s illness, Rosenberg crafts a story full of intense personal emotion mixed in with the fictionalized fulfillment of Muslim prophecy.  This book answers the question, “What would happen if Iran became nuclear?” and the answer is chilling.

Joel Rosenberg has worked as a communications strategist in Washington DC and is the New York Times’ bestselling author of The Twelfth Imam and The Last Jihad series.  Rosenberg’s coworkers reads like a list of Who’s Who  in international government, and his vast political experience, coupled with his unique faith background, puts him in the perfect position to write political, faith-based thrillers.  This book will not disappoint.

Though topping out at over 450 pages, I devoured The Tehran Initiative in a single day – and I can’t wait for the next one to release.  I’m about as political as a slug; I understand only the basics of political events, but Rosenberg takes the reader straight to the heart of the matter and relates current events through his fictionalized “what-ifs” and makes it all easy to understand.  More information at the back of the book and on his blog clarifies what is real and what isn’t – but all too often more of the story is true than what meets the eye of the general American public.

Still undecided?   Watch this clip from Jerusalem as Rosenberg explains his motivation for writing The Tehran Initiative.

Find a copy.  Read it.  You’ll be hooked, too.

To read the first chapter online now, click here.

I received a free copy of The Tehran Initiative from Tyndale House in exchange for an honest review.

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