“Tide and Tempest” by Elizabeth Ludwig

Tide and Tempest, Edge of Freedom Series #3 
Tillie followed her love to America – but he died before they ever reached the shore.  Now, two years later, Captain Keondric McGrath has reappeared and seems to be following Tillie’s every move.  What is he up to?

This series has opened my eyes to an issue within Irish history that I’ve never heard of before.  It’s a fascinating, controversial, political time, and Ludwig portrays it well.

That political unrest sets the stage for intrigue and suspense throughout, and Ludwig doesn’t disappoint there, either.  Between the Irish politics, Tillie’s guilt, the murderous villains, and the budding romance, your pulse will be raging with every turn of the page.

You’ll turn them quickly, too, because as the suspense builds, you’ll fall deeper and deeper into the magic scene that Ludwig has painted.  With sights, smells, and tastes described vividly and smoothly, it feels as if you’re really there, walking the streets with Tillie and Keondric.

That makes it impossible to wait to find out what happens.  I certainly couldn’t.  This was a one-sit read for me – I couldn’t put it down.

If you have any interest in love stories, mysteries, or Irish history, definitely pick up Tide and Tempest.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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