World Tour – Black Forest Cake

We decided we couldn’t study Germany without making one sweet treat, so we settled on Black Forest Cake.  
We used this recipe as our starting point.
Since we don’t drink coffee, we subbed hot chocolate for that ingredient and swapped out some of the flour for whole wheat.  My Big Girl loves cherries, so we decided to bake our cake in two round pans, although the author’s Bundt looked yummy.  

After baking and chilling, we spread cherries on the bottom layer and then topped it with the other one.  I quickly made the ganache according to the recipe’s instructions and poured it over the top.  YUM!

The cake would’ve been much prettier served on a white plate, but these are plastic and we picnicked outside, so … we dealt.  You get the idea, though – rich and goo-y and quite decadent!

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