World Tour – Origami

While shopping a few weeks ago, I stumbled across an animal Origami kit for only $0.50.  Who could beat that?  I decided that we should definitely add Oriental paper-folding to our Japanese unit.

Our kit had pictorial directions and contained 8 sheets of paper to make 4 different animals.  I ‘practiced’ on a ladybug and didn’t think it seemed too difficult.

Then my Little Man decided to make a hornet.  It was more challenging, but doable.

Then the Big Helper decided to make a butterfly.  Wow.  It was really, really hard.  After folding and refolding over and over again, we finally decided that this project called for Daddy’s special math skills – or, at least, something that I don’t have.  We pulled the sample out of the box – it, too, was a butterfly – and she played with that.

Ultimately, we decided that there’s a reason that the Japanese spend so much time perfecting this art.  It’s hard!  We have a new respect for their talents – but we’ll probably stick with scissors and glue from now on.

Now, on to a brief stop in America before heading to China!

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