World Tour – The Beginning

We’re going to Disney World in the fall, and so for months we’ve been talking about saving and spending, the kinds of things we might do while there, and what we might see.

We don’t watch TV, but the kids know about the basic Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, etc – and many of the princesses, and at ages 4 and 6, they are very excited to go meet them.  We’re sure that they will love the Magic Kingdom.

Both children also love animals, My Little Man in particular, and so we know they’ll be fascinated with the Animal Kingdom.

We don’t expect Hollywood Studios to be one of our favorite places due to their young age, but after some research, we found several things we think they’ll get a kick out of.

That just leaves Epcot.

Epcot is different.  It has wonderful exhibits and several neat rides, but the majority of Epcot seems to be the World Showcase, featuring 11 countries from all parts of the world.  With a variety of native foods, performers, rides, and shops, it’s said to be amazing.

Our kids know nothing other than ‘regular’ American life near the Atlantic coast.  But they do love maps.

So, this summer we’re setting out on a tour of the world.  We’re going to touch down in  many of the countries of Disney’s World Showcase, letting them locate each country on a map, read native children’s stories, learn a few words in that language, prepare a food from that land, and in general have fun learning about another culture.

My goal is that when we walk into the World Showcase and see the dancers, the jugglers, smell the croissants and see the lederhosen, instead of asking, “What’s that?!” they’ll be able to say, “Wow, Mommy!  Look at that great _____ from ______!  I know where that is!”

Won’t you join us?

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