Book Club, Boys’ Edition: “The Pirate Island Adventure” by Peggy Parrish

Pirate Island Adventure

The weather has finally improved a bit here in the Carolinas, and so our book club moved outdoors for a grand adventure in the style of Peggy Parrish’s Pirate Island Adventure.



After discussing the book and its characters, each child created his own shield.



While they were drying, the boys began solving puzzles in the hopes of finding a great treasure.


They got really into this and worked hard to decipher the clues and figure out the meaning of each one.  They really showed great teamwork!



After being stumped on one for quite a while, they finally decided it must be buried under the playset and started to dig – and lo and behold, they found a gold-wrapped chocolate treasure!



The boys worked together to divvy the treasure fairly, even sharing with the girls, before heading off to play in the sunshine.



Doesn’t my little warrior look fierce?


What are you kids reading this month?

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