Book Club, Boys’ Edition: “The Secret of the Prince’s Tomb”

It can be a bit complicated organizing two book clubs, especially for kids who are so close in age.  Sometimes, though, I luck out and they can read the same book.


That doesn’t mean that we’ll do the same activities, though.

Secret of the Prince's Tomb Boys   

This month both of our book clubs read the Imagination Station’s book called “Secret of the Prince’s Tomb.”  It’s about the cousins, Beth and Patrick, traveling back in time to when the Pharoah first enslaved the Hebrews in Egypt and how they learned to trust God even in hard times.  You can read my post about what the girls did here.

After discussing and summarizing the book, the boys made gratitude journals.  These were simple books with scrapbook paper stapled over folded copy paper.  The boys had fun choosing their animal-print scrapbook paper and seemed to like the finished product.

They were much more excited to go outside.  This is our ‘before’ picture …

and this is the group as we trudged off to a nearby clay pit.

Once there, the boys dug up clay to find out just how difficult it would be to work with.  In our story Tabitha carried a water jug to Hebrews who were digging canals, so we decided to find out how easy it would be to dig  through this muck all day – and what it’s like to then try to make something out of it.

We decided that it’s way more fun to play in than to work with seriously. 

Nobody cared about trying to make jugs or mugs and went for simple spherical shapes instead.

Muddy though they may be, these orange fingers worked hard throughout this activity – and took away some neat truths, too.

And the ‘after’ picture.  While not as muddy as I expected, I think they had fun getting dirty – though they’ll remember just how hard digging is when next they think of the Egyptian slaves.

What good books have you read lately?

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