The Story Behind Titanic’s “The Stolen Necklace”

A few months ago, on a cold and snowy day, I assigned a simple writing project to My Big Helper as part of a school project.  I asked her to imagine the story behind the necklace that was reported stolen – but never found – on the Titanic.  I expected maybe a few paragraphs, but instead she spent weeks writing several thousand words.  When her story was finished, after taking it to a school event, someone commented, “You should publish that and put the proceeds towards your mission project.”

The Stolen Necklace

My Big Helper loved the idea, and so began our journey into the world of self publication.  Her work towards this mission project is not just beginning, however.  She says:

I feel like I’m supposed to go there [to Haiti] and help.  I want to go to the Hands and Feet Mission Project.  I found out about it from Audio Adrenaline.  We learned about the Hands and Feet Mission Project in SPRING, our church’s elementary youth group, and we also learned about the many orphans in need in Haiti.  I want to help because they don’t have enough buildings and when kids walk up asking for help, they can’t go in because they don’t have enough space.  They’re trying to build more.   I cannot go until I’m 13 so I started raising money.


The Hands and Feet Project allows people as young as 13 to travel to their site and volunteer, so my nine-year-old missionary has a bit of time to plan.  She’s not letting moss grow under her feet, though, and she’s really planning ahead.  She’s held two lemonade stands and kept all of her profits after tithing towards the trip.  She went to the bank and opened a special savings account to hold her savings until she’s ready to go.  She’s planned several other businesses, as well, and is always thinking up new ideas to earn money toward her trip.  To help the children there now, she’s collected money and accepted donations and sent them off to Haiti.

So if you choose to purchase a copy of The Stolen Necklace, you’re not just buying another ebook.  You’re supporting a child’s dream.  You’re helping this child help others in need.

We so appreciate your support.


What are people saying about The Stolen Necklace?

“‘The Stolen Necklace: The Diary of Madeline Parker’ was an excellent read! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the description grabbed my attention, and the author did not disappoint! The book was the perfect balance of fact and fiction, and both the characters and plot were well developed. I look forward to reading more from this young author and hope she turns Madeline’s adventures into a series.”


“Andi is a wonderful writer……..and I love the story!”


Way to go Author Andi! … I would love a series of Madeline as she grows up, does more mysteries and becomes stronger in her Faith! 🙂 ” ~ Lindsey, blogger at Books for Christian Girls


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